Strategic Overview

BSAS aims to stimulate interest and champion discussion with focus on addressing climate change and wider ecosystem challenges related to livestock production. To bring forward and disseminate evidence-based science and sector knowledge to champion and transform, through global collaboration, a one nutrition, one health, multi- disciplinary approach to address future food security and climate change.


To then use this evidence-based animal science to inform government policy and related decision making activities. Bringing together and providing a platform for individuals and organisations that are committed to the advancement of sustainable livestock and the wider animal science sectors.

We aim to work with all sectors in, and related to, animal science to encourage and ensure sharing of factual information to improve animal health and welfare; and the care of equine, companion, and zoo animals.

Encouraging and supporting the development of early-career professionals as tomorrow's leaders and, thereafter, throughout their careers plays a key part in BSAS activities.

BSAS delivers these strategic intentions through our range of committees, each of which have their own objectives to achieve and collectively will deliver the overall objectives of this strategic plan.


Through a proactive approach, we aim to raise awareness and understanding of animal science and its value throughout the chain to the end user.

As we enter the next chapter in the society’s history, we do so in the knowledge that we are operating in challenging times, with the need to maintain an interdisciplinary approach in addressing complex global challenges.