Undergraduate Ambassadors

Are you an undergraduate student undertaking animal science studies who is keen to actively promote BSAS membership, news, conference, workshops, awards, and publications?

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Case Study: Former BSAS Undergraduate Ambassador – Kerri Coffey

BSAS Undergraduate Ambassador Kerri Coffey is currently studying for a BSC (Hons) in Agriculture with Animal Science at Harper Adams University.  As well as an interest in the growing crisis around animal health, Kerri’s main focus is on the issues regarding longevity in dairy cows, and how nationally they struggle to last 3 lactations, but are most efficient around the 6th lactation. Her choice of degree was inspired by her time spent on her uncle’s dairy farm in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland, where she noticed that while you can always find someone to drive a tractor, a good stockman is often hard to find.   Another driver behind her choice of degree, was that Harper Adam’s has a pig unit, and although she had no previous experience, her time working on the unit has since led her to develop a keen interest in pig health and welfare, which she will explore further during her placement year with Bedordia and the AHDB. 

Kerri has always been ambitious and open to new challenges and felt that the role of Undergraduate Ambassador would not only allow her to give back to her fellow undergraduates but would also provide a fantastic opportunity to enhance her career development and raise her profile amongst key industry figures and potential employers within the sector. To those considering applying to become an ambassador, she would advise that while the role is of course a multi-faceted one, one of the most important attributes that you must possess, is a willingness to get stuck in and be creative.  As one day you will be attending the fresher’s fairs to generate interest in the Society amongst fledgling animal scientists, and on another you’ll be assisting in the promotion of the annual conferences and sharing information on events that could be of particular benefit and interest to undergraduates. Kerri helped Isla Soutter and former BSAS Senior-Vice President Michael Lee, to promote the BSAS virtual conference amongst undergraduates.

The promotion of the BSAS member services and benefits, is Kerri believes incredibly important, especially to the undergrads, so that they are fully aware of the plethora of benefits that can help support them through the early stages of their careers, such as the mentor and buddy schemes, access to industry contacts, event discounts, and courses and webinars that can help enhance their skillset. Kerri thoroughly enjoys her role as an Undergraduate Ambassador, and particularly likes working with the Society’s CEO Maggie Mitchell, on developing the role further.  Sitting on the global and events committees which is another important aspect of being an Undergraduate Ambassador, has also Kerri said helped her to grow in confidence and gain a better insight into the latest research developments, which she can then apply to her own research. 

To anyone thinking of applying for a BSAS Membership she says ‘Just go for it’. Before starting my second year I thought that it would be great to say I am a member of a Society to help me stand out from the crowd on my CV, and now I’m an ambassador helping to bring new ideas to the Society and sitting on committees with some of the sectors most talented researchers and industry professionals. If you had said this to me at the age of 15 while milking cows, I never would have believed it.’ 

If you would like to apply, email communications@bsas.org.uk and provide 3 reasons why you would like the role.