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From a family of animal journals to a family of organizations

The animal family of journals (i.e. animal, animal – open space, and animal – science proceedings) is jointly owned by a Consortium composed of the EAAP, BSAS, and INRAE and published by Elsevier on behalf of the Consortium.

To widen and strengthen the scientific basis of the family of journals, the Consortium is delighted and honoured to announce that IRTA has become an associated party of the Consortium. Together, the four organizations will determine the scientific policy of the journals in a rapidly changing landscape of scientific publishing.

IRTA, the Institute of Agrifood and Technology Research under the Regional Government of Catalonia, is dedicated to promoting research and technological development in agri-food, including animal science. IRTA scientists frequently contribute by publishing in “animal” and actively participating in the editorial team.

The IRTA team has decided to support the scientific direction of the journals and showcase their partnership in animal science publishing. Maria Font i Furnols, an animal science researcher at IRTA and the current deputy editor-in-chief of “animal,” played a crucial role in facilitating these activities within the new partnership.

The “Animal Consortium” is delighted to announce IRTA as the first organization to engage in this innovative relationship with the “Animal Consortium”. The Consortium plans to establish similar partnerships with other research organizations in the field of animal science.