Strategic Plan

The society’s vision is to be the innovator and connecter of research and information, working with partners to ensure connection from academia to application.

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You can download a copy of the BSAS Strategic Plan 2019-2024 here.


Through a proactive approach, we aim to raise awareness and understanding of animal science and its value throughout the chain to the end user.

As we enter the next chapter in the society’s history, we do so in the knowledge that we are operating in challenging times, with the need to maintain an interdisciplinary approach in addressing complex global challenges.


As we move forward in the delivery of our strategic plan we understand there are many issues and challenges to face. We acknowledge that for the next five years we must be flexible, regularly reviewing and measuring what we have set out to do and be willing to revisit those objectives to meet emerging and changing requirements. We move forward with a reinvigorated sense of purpose and look to an augmented presence and positive future.