Charitable Objectives

The organisation’s purposes are the advancement of education and science which relates to the study of and practical application of all aspects of animal science (whether companion, zoo, livestock, equine or wild animals) for the benefit of those who work with animals and livestock, are involved in the care, health, welfare, environmental sustainability and utility of animals, are interested or involved in animal science through academia or industry and the wider general public by:


Being the champion of advances in animal science through:

  • Promoting and encouraging research and experimental work into all aspects of animal science to advance and improve understanding and to investigate problems or any other matters of interest or concern;
  • Encouraging the sharing of knowledge through the dissemination of such research findings;
  • Encouraging the practical and beneficial application of such research results, such as putting new advances into practice;
  • Collecting and publishing information about animal science and its application;
  • Providing high quality academic and industry support together with a networking and mentoring platform for animal scientists.

Advancing responsible, safe, high welfare, environmentally and economically sustainable global animal production to:

  • Address issues such as the role of animal science in helping to resolve the world’s food crisis;
  • Adopt a holistic approach to providing food security, nutrition and production for all;
  • Unify approaches to improving animal health and welfare;
  • Examine the relationship between humans, animals and the environments we share;
  • Examine the impact of animal science on human health and wellbeing.