Research and Development Project Dissemination

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Why partner with us?

BSAS understands and believes that generating meaningful research that has maximum benefit for the animal science and technology community, requires engaging with the right people from the very beginning of planning your research idea and that’s where we can help. Not only are we able to identify the primary audience of your research, but we can also engage with that audience and help to bring on influential opinion leaders to act as champions of said research and amplify its message.

R&D Project Dissemination training support

The role of BSAS Global in R&D projects will be to ensure that the work and its dissemination is relevant to the needs of the industry. Specifically, BSAS Global can facilitate:

  • BSAS Knowledge exchange activities between Stakeholder and Research Partners.
  • Establish a farm-level observatory and knowledge exchange network.
  • Project output dissemination.

Dissemination Plan

BSAS Global will establish with partners a Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Plan. The plan will define a communication and dissemination strategy with detailed tasks and timelines to deliver on project objectives; to communicate the project concepts and outputs; to promote engagement between partners and key interested groups; to involve policy makers and to ensure that the most relevant channels and effective forms of communication are used including social media, workshops, webinars, conferences, and web-based learning materials which allow for wider access.

Visual Identity

The visual identity of each project will benefit from BSAS Global’s expertise in creating and defining a graphic charter, logos, fonts, colours incorporating compulsory partner logos for clean and clever communication. We’ll also create a start-up brochure, a poster to present the aims of the project, and A4 newsletters focused on the final two years of the project when results become available. BSAS Global will also establish a project-based website which will allow for closed and open discussion between partners and stakeholders, host web-based training courses and a vital link to the farm-level observatory and knowledge exchange network.

If you’re interested in BSAS Global participating and supporting your R&D Bid, please email

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