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Nutrition Society Congress 2024

2, Jul 2024 09:00am–05:00pm

Nutrition Society Congress 2024: New data – focused approaches and challenges

This conference is endorsed by the Association for Nutrition EN438

Join us as we kick off the Society’s inaugural Congress!

Unique to the new Congress (previously the Summer Conference) is that you will have greater opportunity to engage with more nutrition science than ever before. In 2024 the core programme will be delivered by the Irish Section of The Nutrition Society, supported by the Science Committee. The theme of these symposia will be ‘new data – focused approaches and challenges’. Outside of the core programme you will have the chance to hear the latest research from the Society’s partner organisations, universities, the private sector and more, on a diverse range of research.

Wonder if the congress is for you? The Society’s conferences bring together a global audience from a diverse range of disciplines within the field, including academics, students, HCPs, industry, freelancers, and policy leaders.

Topic of the congress:

The discipline of nutrition science is diverse in nature – encompassing the study of human health from a molecular to a public health level, and from an ingredient or nutrient level to positioning as part of a (sustainable) global food system. Recognising this diversity, the data used to underpin and inform nutrition science are complex, stemming from a variety of sources. The aim of this congress is to provide an overview of the diversity of the data collected and used within the field of nutrition science and how analysis of this data has and can be used to progress the discipline.


Congress Dinner 

Join us for a special congress dinner at Titanic Belfast – one of the most popular attractions in Belfast City! Our gala dinner will be a fun and relaxed event where we step away from the science for one evening and enjoy great food and even better company.

Relive the Titanic dining experience in the The Titanic Suite which has a replica of the liner’s Grand Staircase and stunning views of the Slipways and Belfast Lough – where the world-famous liner was designed, built, and launched.

We have limited tickets to this unique dining experience, be sure to buy your ticket before it sells out!

To book your place at the congress dinner, please click HERE 


This conference is an in-person event only. 

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