President’s Prize

To apply for the President's Prize you must be

  • a BSAS member
  • presenting your first or second paper at the Annual Conference.


  • the prize is to encourage early career scientists to improve their public communication skills


  • candidates will be judged, by representatives of BSAS Trustees firstly, on the quality of their summary and, if successful in becoming one of the five finalists a presentation of their work at the BSAS Annual Conference

Judging Criteria

  • quality of delivery/presentation
  • ability to respond to Q&A
  • content - including - identification of key issues and research questions; provision of supporting evidence for arguments; explanation of source material; consideration of potential issues


  • are made via the annual conference submissions platform
  • please tick the appropriate box, when submitting your summary, to be included for the President's Prize


  • a prize of £200 is awarded to the winner

Application Deadline

Deadline for the BSAS 2025 Presidents Prize submission is 18th November 2024


2024 President's Prize Winner

Sabine Scully, The faecal microbiota and calf scour.

2023 President's Prize Winner

Sophie Mahendran, A comparison of the health and behaviour of individual and pair housing in dairy calves

Previous Recipients

  • 2024: Sabine Scully


    The faecal microbiota and calf scour.

  • 2023: Sophie Mahendran

    A comparison of the health and behaviour of individual and pair housing in dairy calves

  • 2022:

    President's Prize Winner

    Effects of concentrate supplement on feed intake, growth performance and blood parameters of N’dama calves fed cultivated Napier grass basal diet.

  • 2021:

    President's Prize Winner

    Nick Britten,Cambridge Vet School

    ‘Temperament, health, and fertility outcomes in dairy cattle’.

  • 2019:

    Best Theatre Presentation
    Tegan Sutton, University of Leeds

    Highly Commended Theatre
    Tomas Tubritt, Teagasc

  • 2018:

    Best Theatre Presentation
    Annie Williams, Harper Adams University

    Best Digital Presentation
    Brigkita Venardou, University College Dublin

    Best Poster Presentation
    Christopher Douglas Moore, University of Nottingham

  • 2017:

    Best Theatre
    Harriet Bunning, SRUC

    Highly Commended Theatre
    Achilleas Christie, Rothamsted Research Institute
    Lauren Geddes, SRUC
    Rhys Jones, IBERS Aberystwyth University
    Maithe Monteiro de Barros, IBERS Aberystwyth University
    Partha Ray, University of Reading

    Highly Commended Poster
    Sophie Hazelden, Nottingham Trent University

  • 2016:

    Best Theatre
    Alex Brown, SRUC

    Highly Commended Theatre
    Clare Gaukroger, Anpario plc
    Claire Morgan-Davis, SRUC
    Anna Thomson, University of Reading

  • 2015:

    Best Theatre
    Sandra Starke, University of Birmingham

    Highly Commended Theatre
    Alana Boulton, The Royal Veterinary College
    Alex Brown, SRUC
    Ruth Clamp, IBERS, Aberystwyth University
    Jolinda Pollock, SRUC

  • 2014:

    Best Theatre
    Poh Ying Lim, Nottingham University

    Highly Commended Theatre
    Edward Crowley, IBERS, Aberystwyth University
    Lorna Dawson, Newcastle University
    Sokratis Ptochos, SRUC

    Highly Commended Short Theatre
    Bala Shehu, Ahmadu Bello University Nigeria

  • 2013:

    Best Theatre
    Amy Miele, University of Edinburgh

    Best Short Theatre
    Amanda Ward, Writtle College

    Highly Commended Theatre
    Vasilis Symedou, Newcastle University

    Highly Commended Highlights
    Laura Exley, Writtle College
    Sarah Morgan, Aberystwyth University

  • 2012:

    Best Theatre
    Marcin Pszczola, Wageningen UR Livestock Research

    Best Highlight Presentation
    Muhammad Jaspal, University of Bristol

    Highly Commended Theatre
    Ollie Szyszka, Newcastle University
    Faye Shepherd, Duchy College

  • 2011:

    Best Theatre
    Naomi Fox, Scottish Agricultural College

    Highly Commended Theatre
    Anne Le Moine, University of Leeds
    Ollie Szyszka, University of Newcastle

  • 2010:

    Best Theatre
    Eileen McCloskey, Queens University Belfast

    Highly Commended Theatre
    Laura J Corbin, Roslin Institute and Royal Dick Vet

    Best Short Theatre
    Laura J Pocock, Royal Agricultural College

    Best Highlights
    Andrew M Clempson, Royal Veterinary College

  • 2009:

    Best Short Theatre
    Amy Taylor, University of Leeds

    Highly Commended Theatre
    Elly Navajas, Scottish Agricultural College
    Lucy Brunton, University of Leeds

    Best Poster
    Hanan Al-Khalifa, University of Reading

  • 2008:

    Best Theature
    Kathryn Kemper, Roslin Institute

    Highly Commended Theatre
    Nicola Blackie, Writtle College
    Georgia Hadjipavlou, Roslin Inst and R(D)SVS, Uni of Edinburgh
    Mohammad Mehedi Hasan Khan, Newcastle University

  • 2007:

    Best Theatre
    Lorna Baird, Agri-food and Biosciences Institute

    Highly Commended Theatre
    Stuart Williamson, University of Liverpool

    Best Poster
    Angela J Wright, Royal Veterinary College

    Highly Commended Poster
    Sam Mason, University of Leeds
    Jessica Brickell, Royal Veterinary College

  • 2006:

    Best Theatre
    Camila Munoz, AFBI and Queen’s University, Belfast

    Highly Commended Theatre
    Mark Fenwick, Royal Veterinary College
    Catherine Hayhurst, University of Liverpool

    Best Poster
    Joanne Mallinson, University of Nottingham

  • 2005:

    Best Theatre
    Suzanne Rowe, Roslin Institute

    Highly Commended Theatre
    Ruth Pickard, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

    Best Poster
    Lenice Bell, Myerscough Agricultural College

  • 2004:

    Best Theatre
    Troy M Fischer, University of New England, Australia

    Best Poster
    Jennifer Macfarlane, Scottish Agricultural College

  • 2003:

    Best Theatre
    Angela J Fahey, University of Nottingham

    Best Poster
    Ian J Wellock

  • 2002:

    Best Theatre
    Emma C Whittemore, Scottish Agricultural College

    Commended Theatre
    Andrew Crawford, Agricultural Research Institute of Northern Ireland
    Marie Jackson, Harper Adams University College
    Beverly Mahlhausler, Adelaide University, Australia

    Best Poster
    Honathan Mills, University of Reading

    Commended Poster
    Jonathan Amory, Harper Adams University College
    Sarah Cooper, Harper Adams University College
    Maria Campo, University of Bristol
    Homayoun Farhangfar, University of Newcastle
    Ruba Mohamed, University of Newcastle
    Richard Wynn, University of Nottingham

  • 2001:

    Best Theatre
    Catherine Bertenshaw, University of Newcastle

    Best Poster
    Adam Lock, University of Nottingham

    Caroline Docking, ADAS, Terrington