Pioneers: The backdrop of the society's beginnings

Nineteen-forty-four, the year of the foundation of the British Society of Animal Production, now the British Society of Animal Science (BSAS), and the early years that followed, were filled with urgent opportunity – these were the post-war hunger years and the beginnings of the second agricultural revolution. The time was ripe for research and development in Animal Science. Unsurprising, that same time gave rise to pioneering people and pioneering places.


In tracking the British Society of Animal Production's (BSAP) first 75 years, it is neither possible, nor necessary to mention all and every path-maker involved in the moulding of the Society. The Universities and Research Institutes have been persistent in their support of the society, as have the Knowledge and Information Transfer Services and, perhaps most importantly of all, the allied Trades and Industries that provide to the agricultural industry the wherewithal for its effective functioning.

We thank all of our members and partners for their continued support.

A brief history of our society (1944-2019) is available here.